New EDF Scheduler in Linux

Dario Faggioli, PhD student at RETIS Lab, and Michale Trimarchi and Claudio Scordino from Evidence have developed an EDF scheduler for Linux.

The scheduler is called SCHED_DEADLINE, and it has been submitted to the Linux mailing list and has received a good attention and support from the Linux guys. For more information, please visit the following links:

  • The post on
  • Ericsson posting on SCHED_DEADLINE
  • The slides presented at RTLWS in Dresden
  • Luca Abeni's presentation about using deadline based reservation schedulers for IRQ-Threads.
  • The project is hosted now hosted at github.
  • Finally, the project homepage, at Evidence S.r.l.

The old repository can still be found at but it is not updated anymore.