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Research positions at the Real-Time Systems Laboratory, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna

The Real-Time Systems Laboratory of Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (, one of the leading research groups in Europe in the field of real-time and embedded systems, is offering post-degree and post-doc research positions in the area of Operating System support for time-sensitive applications on multi-core and many-core platforms. We look for passionate researchers that wish to build a strong academic and industrial curriculum.

The candidate will design and realize innovative mechanisms for the allocation of resources and scheduling of massively parallel applications on many-core and heterogeneous platforms. The research activities will range from designing
proper ad-hoc interfaces between scalable real-time applications and the Operating System, to realizing mechanisms internal to the OS kernel with the necessary level of efficiency, scalability and the support for the timing constraints of the applications, whenever present. The candidate will have the opportunity to experiment with a many-core AMD 48-core platform, with a traditional architecture, and/or with the prototype Intel Single-Chip Cloud Computer platform (Intel SCC), with a Network-on-a-Chip architecture without cache coherency. In alternative or addition, the candidate may work on a simulator platform for tile-based many-core systems.

More information is enclosed in the attached document.

Note that applications should be formally sent within end of February. Should you be interested in applying, please, contact us as soon as possible.

Candidates are requested to apply using the attached application form. In case of difficulties, please contact the Administration Office (Tel. +39-050-883.254, e-mail A signed hardcopy of the application together with the enclosures requested must be sent by recorded post with advice of delivery and must reach no later than february 28, 2012 (regardless of forwarding date) the address: Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Ufficio Risorse Umane, via Santa Cecilia, 3, 56127 Pisa. You must write on the envelope the following: "Application Research Fellowship N.430".
The application and the requested attachments can also be sent through a certified email account (recognized by the Italian system) to

Tesi di laurea su "Sviluppo di uno schedulatore gerarchico per il sistema operativo Linux"

La tesi consiste nella progettazione e sviluppo di uno schedulatore gerarchio per il sistema operativo Linux.

Il sistema Linux permette già in qualche modo di raggruppare task tramite l'interfaccia Cgroup. Tale interfaccia, e lo schedulatore sottostante, non sono però adeguate ai sistemi real-time, dove è necessario dare precise garanzie temporali, anche in sistemi multicore.

Tesi di Laurea su "Sviluppo di uno schedulatore per il sistema operativo Linux"

La tesi consiste nello studio, progettazione ed implementazione di un nuovo schedulatore per il sistema operativo Linux.

Tesi di laurea su "Sviluppo di uno Strumento per l'analisi di schedulabilità per sistemi distribuiti real-time"

La tesi consiste nel progettare e implementare un programma per l'analisi di schedulabilità di sistemi distribuiti real-time.

Tale programma consisterà di

Tesi di laurea su "Sviluppo di un Simulatore per sistemi multicore"

La tesi consiste nel progettare un programma per la simulazione
parallela di sistemi complessi, espressamente disegnato per sistemi
multicore di tipo NUMA.


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