Course: Android Application Development

From 15th of November the Retis Lab will host a course on application
development on Android, one of the de-facto standards in the mobile
communications world of today. During the 30 hours of lesson
and practice the attendees will be presented with the basic (and some
of the not-so-basic) elements of the Android framework and will
immediately have the chance to put theory into practice developing,
under the guidance of experienced tutors, their first application. The
course will be held by engineers from Amarula Solutions, an experienced company specializing in Android solutions and consultancy services.

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Embedded Systems Course


This is the outline of the course on embedded systems, offered to students of the second year in the Laurea Magistralis with the university of Pisa and to students of the Master Program/joint program with the university of Trento.

course outline

  • Intro to ES, V-model and Model-based Design
  • Project intro
  • Requirements and Functional Testing
  • Project step1 – Requirements and test plan
  • Models, signals and systems
  • FSMs part1
  • Communication buses – event driven - Controller Area Network
  • Project step2 – Intro to Flex, programming IDE, Erika, Device drivers
  • FSMs part2
  • Communication buses – time driven – FlexRay
  • FSMs part3
  • Extensions to FSMs – Statecharts
  • Project step3 – Models
  • Timed automata
  • An Introduction to Uppaal and verification
  • Project step4 – Verification
  • Translating an FSM into code: Part 1
  • Statecharts in practice – Mathworks Stateflow
  • Translating an FSM into code: Part 2
  • Automatic code generation with Mathworks tools
  • Project step5 – Production of Code
  • Conformance testing
  • Structural testing – coverage
  • Project step6 – Testing
  • Advanced topic: semantics preservation in multiprogramming implementations
  • Advanced topic: component-based design and AUTOSAR
  • System Security and Cryptography

    Please, refer to the attached document for a program of the advanced course on security and cryptography.

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