Real-Time Operating Systems

Mario Bambagini, "Power Management in Real-Time Embedded Systems"

With the improvement of the computer science and electronic technologies, nowadays, it's possible to realize devices very small, with extraordinary computation capabilities and with a good cost for unit.
Hi-tech products are everywhere around us and in the future we'll be immersed in a world where everything will be electronic.

In this scenario, it's born the issue of the energy saving, especially in real-time systems, with an high level of integration in the monitored environment and a not infinite power supply.

Adaptive Quality of Service Architecture (AQuoSA)

AQuoSA is an open-source project for the provisioning of Adaptive Quality of Service functionality into the Linux kernel, developed at the Real Time Systems Laboratory of Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna. The project features a flexible, portable, lightweight and open architecture for supporting soft real-time applications with facilities related to timing guarantees and QoS, on the top of a general-purpose operating system as Linux. More information is available on the official project website.

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