IWES 2016

1st Italian Workshop on Embedded Systems

Pisa, Italy 19-20 September 2016
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IWES 2016

Embedded Systems (or Cyber-Physical Systems, if you want to sound more fancy) attracted sugnificant research interest and are of increasing importance for the industry and our everyday world.

The Italian community on Embedded Systems has grown significantly in the last 15 years and world-renowned research is currently developed in our labs across the country.

Yet, we meet each other at conferences when our research domains match the conference topics, but there is no national meeting point that is aimed at the exchange of research experience, with special focus on young researchers, providing an arena for presenting their work, exchanging idea and meeting the other research groups in the country.

Also, this workshop may be an opportunity for meeting, programming and organizing projects, research work or other initiatives.


The format of the workshop is meant to provide a meeting point for research groups in Italy in the area of Embedded systems and a venue for PhD students to present their work and share ideas

If you are interested in a presentation please contact the organizers. The idea is to allow all the interested PhD students to present their work with a 15 minutes presentation.


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