2017-02-07: The OSPM Summit website is on-line

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Power Management and Scheduling in the Linux Kernel

(OSPM Summit)

Power management and scheduling techniques to reduce energy consumption while meeting performance and latency requirements are receiving considerable attention from the Linux Kernel development community.

The Power Management and Scheduling in the Linux Kernel (OSPM-summit) summit aims at fostering further interest and discussion to happen.


The summit is organized to cover two days of discussions and talks.

First day is mainly focused on discussion and hacking sessions about topics/patches that are already under review in the Linux kernel mailing lists and to debate and plan development tasks for more forward looking work items centred around power management in the Linux kernel. The list of topics includes (but it is not limited to):

  • Energy Aware Scheduling: next steps and energy model expression;
  • SCHED_DEADLINE reclaiming of unused bandwidth, coupling with schedutil cpufreq governor and group scheduling support;
  • Fix the load metric exposed to cpuidle;
  • IRQ prediction;
  • ACPI power management: kernel/firmware bindings and development model;

Second day instead welcomes presentations from both end users and developers on topics about Power management and scheduling in Linux covering, but not limited to:

  • Power management techniques
  • Real-time and non real-time scheduling techniques
  • Energy awareness
  • Mobile/Server power management real-world use cases (successes and failures)
  • Power management and scheduling tooling (tracing, configuration, integration testing, etc.)

Presentations can cover recently developed technologies, ongoing work and new ideas. Please understand that this workshop is not intended for presenting sales and marketing pitches.

Important Dates

  • 2017-02-26: deadline for submitting topics / presentations
  • 2017-03-05: notification of accepted topics / presentations
  • 2017-04-03 -> 2017-04-4: the OSPM Summit


Attending the OSPM-summit is free of charge, but registration to the event is mandatory. The event can allow a maximum of 50 people (so, be sure to register early!).

To receive updates about OSPM, you can subscribe to the summit mailing list by either following the instructions or sending an email to

To register send an email to with the following information:

  • First Name, Family Name
  • Affiliation (if any)

While it is not strictly required to submit a topic/presentation, registrations with a topic/presentation proposal will take precedence.

Submit a Topic / Presentation

To submit a topic/presentation send an email to specifying:

  • subject:
    • short title
  • body:
    • First name, Family name
    • abstract / topic of interest
    • affiliation (if any)
    • short biography
    • expected duration (only for topics, presentations get 30min slots)

Deadline for submitting topics/presentations is 26th of February 2017. Notifications for accepted topics/presentations will be sent out on 5th of March 2017.

Venue and Hotels

The workshop will take place at ReTiS Lab, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa, Italy.

Pisa is a small town, walking distance from the city center to the venue is about 20 minutes and walking distance from the airport to the city center is 30 minutes.

You can reach ReTiS Lab by public transportation, via LAM Verde (approx one every 10 minutes in rush hours), from the station (15 minutes to the venue) or from the city center (9 minutes to the venue).

A map of the town with venue location, points of interest and transportation information is available.

Bus from Airport to city centre takes about 10 min and costs 1.20 euros (2 euros if bought on board). Large bills are usually not accepted. Taxi from Airport to city centre costs 10/15 euros. Credit cards are not accepted.


  • Luca Abeni (Scuola Superiore S. Anna, Pisa)
  • Patrick Bellasi (ARM)
  • Tommaso Cucinotta (Scuola Superiore S. Anna, Pisa)
  • Dietmar Eggemann (ARM)
  • Sudeep Holla (ARM)
  • Juri Lelli (ARM)
  • Mauro Marinoni (Scuola Superiore S. Anna, Pisa)
  • Lorenzo Pieralisi (ARM)
  • Morten Rasmussen (ARM)