QoSDB, a QoS registry for real-time service-oriented applications can be downloaded from here.

The QoSDB is a Quality of Service (QoS) registry designed for supporting QoS management in real-time SOAs.

It can be exploited for gathering persistently QoS data related to different functional behaviors of the application (application operating modes) and for predicting the future performance based on historical data. Furthermore, a modular architecture allows for defining various models for the prediction of the resource requirements under a set of conditions which has not been observed yet. This allows for achieving a nearly correct resource allocation (self-configuration) for the application with a great reduction of the needed observation/benchmarking points, especially in those contexts in which the space of possible configuration parameters is big (e.g., multimedia applications supporting arbitrary resolutions). By leveraging the QoSDB, SOAs can be build with auto-tuning capabilities, for a better exploitation of internal resources while guaranteeing the QoS required by users.