SAC 2017 ES Track

SAC 2017 - EMBS Track

32nd ACM/SIGAPP Symposium On Applied Computing - Embedded Systems Track

Marrakech, Morocco, 3-7 April 2017
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SAC 2017 - Embedded Systems Track


High performance embedded computing has recently become more and more present in devices used in everyday life. A wide variety of applications, from consumer electronics to biomedical systems, require building up powerful yet cheap embedded devices. In this context, embedded software has turned out to be more and more complex, posing new challenging issues: the adoption of further flexible programming paradigms/architectures is becoming almost mandatory. Nonetheless, even nowadays the development of embedded systems must rely on a tight coupling of hardware and software components. Moreover, the market pressure calls for the employment of new methodologies for shortening the development time and for driving the evolution of existing products. New efficient solutions to problems emerging in this setting can be put into action by means of a joint effort of academia and industry.

Design of embedded systems must take into account a wide variety of constraints: performance, code size, power consumption, presence of real-time tasks, maintainability, security and possibly scalability: the more convenient trade-off has to be found, often operating on a large number of different parameters. In this scenario, solutions can be proposed at different levels of abstraction, making use of an assortment of tools and methodologies: researchers and practitioners have a chance to propose new ideas and to compare experimentations.

The focus of this conference track is on the application of both novel and well-known techniques to the embedded systems development. Particular attention is paid to solutions that require expertise in different fields (e.g. computer architecture, OS, compilers, security, software engineering, simulation). The track will benefit also from direct experiences in the employment of embedded devices in “unconventional” application areas, so to show up new challenges in the system design/development process. In this setting, researchers and practitioners from academia and industry will get a chance to keep in touch with problems, open issues and future directions in the field of development of dedicated applications for embedded systems.

Topics of Interest

  • Methodologies and tools for design-space exploration
  • System-level design and simulation techniques for Embedded Systems
  • Power-aware design and computing
  • Testing, debugging, profiling and performance analysis of Embedded Systems
  • Networked sensor devices and systems
  • Multicore and SoC-based embedded systems and applications
  • Middleware and virtual machines in Embedded Systems
  • Multithreading in Embedded Systems design and development; Java embedded computing
  • Software architectures and SOA for Embedded Systems
  • Embedded Systems exploitation within Information Systems
  • Multimedia management in Embedded Systems
  • Security and dependability support within Embedded Systems
  • OS & RTOS for Embedded Systems, Safety-critical Embedded Systems
  • Hardware/software support for real-time applications
  • Compilation strategies, code transformation and parallelization for Embedded Systems
  • Special-purpose appliances and applications
  • Case studies


Submission deadline: September 15, 2016
Notification of acceptance: November 10, 2016
Deadline for final manuscript: November 25, 2016


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