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I work as a research contractor at the RETIS Lab, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, in Pisa, Italy, where I got a PhD in Computer Engineering with a thesis on Proportional Share Scheduling in General Purpose Operating Systems. You can find my CV here, and a list of my publications here.

Current Activities

Within the IRMOS project, I am working with Tommaso Cucinotta on a reservation-based real-time extension to the Linux scheduler. See the AQuoSA website for more information and for the source code.

With Paolo Valente and Luigi Rizzo we are developing a high speed proportional share packet scheduling algorithm. See Luigi's page on QFQ for more information.

I am working on some improvements to the Shark operating system. Source code available here.


This site is no longer being maintained, my new email address is fchecconi at

Last updated May 10th, 2010