GemDisk: Virtual Disks in GEOM


As part of the GEOM_SCHED work, we have developed a timing-accurate disk emulator based on GEOM gate and DiskSim. The code, in early alpha state, is available here, while the EuroBSDCon09 paper and slides are available for download.

How to Try the Code

If you reach there, you should already know that the code is work in progress. Note that it runs only if the -fv flags are specified, and at the moment it supports only 32 bit installations, due to a known problem in the DiskSim distribution. If you still want to use it follow these steps:

  • extract the archive contents;
  • compile the source code, using gmake from the gemdisk directory:
    $ cd gemdisk $ gmake
  • create an emulator instance, e.g., using one of the parameter files in valid/:
    # cd valid # ../src/gemdisk create -fv cheetah4LP.parv /tmp/out /tmp/hd.image

Now an emulated device controlled by GemDisk should be available to use. ggatel can be used to list and terminate existing GemDisk instances.

Last updated September 15th, 2009