Past Activities


I worked with Paolo Valente on a proportional share disk scheduling algorithm. The source code was originally available here (part of this work has been merged into the Linux kernel tree), more info on the algorithm and updates to the code can be found on Paolo's site.

GEOM Work on FreeBSD

In the past few years I've developed, with Luigi Rizzo, a disk scheduling framework for the FreeBSD operating system. The webpage for the project is here, for the source code refer to the FreeBSD source repository.

As a side project, we developed a disk emulator for GEOM, described here.

Linux KVM on FreeBSD

I've ported KVM to FreeBSD during the Google Summer of Code 2007. I have worked on it with (and mentored by) Luigi Rizzo. The page of the project is still available here, while a slightly updated version of the code is available here.

Past EU Projects

With my lab I have been involved in the FRESCOR EU project.

A Group CPU Scheduler for Linux

I had some fun developing an SMP-capable CBS scheduler for process groups on the Linux kernel. Some experimental code is available here (patch series on top of

Last updated September 24th, 2008