Research interests

Virtualization for embedded systems

Exploring virtualization capabilities of the modern embedded platforms, with a particular attention to latest Arm architectures within heterogeneous platforms (FPGA + GPGPU), for achieving predictable, safe and secure execution of multiple stand-alone domains with mixed-criticality.

Cyber-security for embedded systems.

Researching and developing (i) mitigation techniques against low-level attacks with a security by design approach, (ii) software stacks aiming at providing strong isolated Trusted Execution Enviornments (TEEs), and (iii) Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) architectures.

Safety-critical applications.

Automotive, aerospace, industry 4.0, medical, railways, etc.

Real-time and synchronization

Exploring latest embedded platforms (single/multi-core and heterogeneous) for achieving real-time capabilites.