Terminator vs. Robocop

A matter of learning paradigm

Both Terminator and Robocop are very high tech systems, representing a big challenge for the future research on advanced autonomous robots.

The main distinguishing feature between them is that Terminator is a pure artificial robot, whereas Robocop is a hybrid (biological-robotic) system: a mechatronical body controlled by a modified human brain, in which most of the low-level functions have been replaced by dedicated processor chips.

Another big difference between these two robots concerns the type of learning paradigm adopted in their control processes. For example, Robocop's tracking controller uses a supervised learning paradigm, whereas the Terminator's neural net processor can work under different learning schemes.

Robocop's learning paradigm

In one scene of the Robocop movie, we see that, after a long shoot-out, Robocop reports some damage in the eye-arm calibration system, loosing the capability of tracking targets with his gun. For this reason, he goes in a derelict building and asks his assistant to take aim with his arm and shoot a target. In other words, Robocop shows that he is not capable of self-learning, but he needs a supervisor (a teacher) that shows him the correct examples.

Terminator's learning paradigm

On the other hand, Terminator learns from his own experience. We see that he learns John Connors's language expressions and behaviors. For example, Terminator learns from John to flip down the sun visor of the car to find the keys for starting the engine (before, he broke the cowl around the steering column to join the wires).