Incremental AVL tree

This is an applet that I developed while I was working on the BSS (Bandwidth Sharing Servers), one of the bandwidth-preserving algorithms for soft real-time systems that I invented. To preserve the bandwidth, the BSS uses a data structure called Incremental AVL tree that stores pairs (residual budget / deadline). The idea of using some variant of the AVL trees came from Sanjoy (as usual...). As far as I know, this data structure has not been presented anywhere else. If you want some more details, please have a look at the following paper:

G. Lipari and S.K. Baruah "Efficient Scheduling of Multi-Task Applications in Open Systems" IEEE Proceedings of the 6th Real-Time Systems and Applications Symposium, Washington DC, June 2000

And here is the applet (of course you need the jre installed). Feel free to play with it!