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14 Febbraio 2013 OOSD course

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rtsched latex style

I developed this style to simplify the drawing of GANTT diagrams in my papers and slides. Before this, I used to draw with xfig: however, the work usually took me some time and I got bored of drawing always the same things (like the grid, the numbers of the x axis, etc.). Then I discovered PStricks and I started playing with it. The outcome was rtsched.sty.

If you want to know what you can do with this style, look at this set of slides. It is an excerpt of a lecture on Shared resources in real-time systems, where I explain Priority Inheritance, Priority Ceiling, Stack Resource Policy (for brevity I report only the slides with the figures, if you are interested to the complete set, please contact me). The slides were generated with beamer and rtsched_beamer.sty. Of course, you need a decent installation of Latex: Tex-live or Miktex are just fine, tetex has many problems. I use the following chain: latex, dvips, ps2pdf. It is slow and memory hungry, but it is safe. In facts, PStricks may show some problems with pdflatex.

Here are the files:

Macros for beamer

The following macros are useful for including code into beamer presentations. The macros are based on the listings and pstricks package. Again, I recomment the latex, dvips, ps2pdf chain for compiling presentations. You can download the macros from here. I also provide a tgz with a complete directory containing a set of slide on C language. Finally, if you are just curious, you can look at the pdf.