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Embedded Systems - Model-Based Design

Discovery board (STM32F4)

The compiler we use for the discovery boards is the gcc compiler, available for the arm platform from here (setup executable)

The tool per writing the program onto the board flash and performing basic tracing and debugging (the ST-LINK utility from STM) is available from this link

In order to use the ST-LINK your system should also have the USB Drivers from ST. You can download from the ST web site

If you need to setup your debugger for using from within the Eclipse framework, you will find instructions in the Erika wiki

LCD extension board with touchscreen (STM32F4DIS-LCD)

Information on how to purchase the (extension) boards can be found at the ST Discovery web site

To use the LCD and touch you may find useful to download the ST Embedded GUI Lirary and the Resource Editor GUI from ST (you can find a copy here)

Nucleo board (STM32F4)

This is the board (compatible with Arduino sensors) that will be used in the future.