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Last updated on
18 March 2024

The IRMOS European Project - 3 Years of Research

February 16th-17th 2011

After three years of challenging research and software development, the IRMOS European Project came to an end with the final review meeting which took place on February 16th-17th 2011, in Stuttgart, Germany. The IRMOS project developed an innovative Cloud Computing solution available as four major bundles including more than fifty software components. IRMOS is providing a new generation of Service Oriented Cloud Computing environment, addressing the needs of distributed QoS-sensitive and real-time applications across the three main cloud service layers: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).

The IaaS layer includes the Intelligent Service-Oriented Networking Infrastructure (ISONI), an innovative infrastructure for the management of virtualized applications capable of dealing with precise QoS and timing requirements of the deployed distributed applications. For example, this layer embeds the IRMOS real-time scheduler for the Linux kernel, by which it is possible to provide precise scheduling guarantees to concurrently running (but independent) KVM Virtual Machines, what constitutes a pre-requisite for the achievement of performance isolation across them.

During the final review meeting in Stuttgart, the IRMOS partners showed to the European Commission the achieved project results by means of a set of presentations, followed by a 3-hours session of successful live demonstrators, focusing on the three different application scenarios: e-Learning, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and Digital Film Post-production.

At the end of the review meeting, not only the European Commission provided an extremely positive evaluation of the results achieved by IRMOS, but also requested to provide an additional informative summary to be used internally to the European Commission itself for the purpose of advertising IRMOS as one of the "success stories" in the context of the ICT-2007.1.2 call.

The IRMOS researchers may be contacted through the IRMOS Project Website, and via the dedicated LinkedIn discussion forum.

Main page Research activities Publications Talks MSc thesis projects Courses Mentoring Hobby and spare time Write me Last updated on
18 March 2024