Borgioli Niccolò

PhD student at School of Advanced Studies S. Anna

About me

I took bachelor degree in Computer Engineering at University of Genoa, Italy, in 2016. During my Bachelor Degree I was co-founder and CEO of a start-up called LetIn that also was selected for a Regione Liguria.
I recently took a Master Degree in Embedded Computing Systems with 110 cum laude at School of Advanced Studies S. Anna (SSSA), Pisa, Italy.
Actually, I'm a PhD student at the ReTis lab of School of Avanced Studies S. Anna. In the last year I have developed an Intelligent System to detect calcifications and masses inside a mammography using a combination of a Deep Convolutional Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic.
Moreover I have participated to a Cyber Defense exercise jointly with the cyber team of Italian Army. In this occasion I part of the blue team. In particular my task was defending the IoT infrastructure.
My interests involves Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence, in particular in Embedded domain.


My projects

Main projects developed during last years. Check them out!

My Emergency

August 2017

Android Application that allows to send help requests

Perceptron VHDL

July 2018

Perceptron written in VHDL and implemented for Zybo Board

Emotion detection system

April 2019

Sensor fusion-based emotion detection system.