1st International Workshop on Analysis Tools and Methodologies for Embedded and Real-time Systems

July 6th, 2010, Brussels, Belgium

in conjunction with

Call for Papers

WATERS 2010 - Technical Program - Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Please, find below the program for WATERS 2010. Also, the workshop proceedings are available for download here.

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010
9:3016:00Main Session
9:3010:30 Invited Talk: Model based schedulability analysis with MAST, and The UML profile for MARTE [Presentation]
Julio Medina, University of Cantabria
10:3011:00Coffee Break
11:0011:30 Tutorial: The IRMOS multi-processor real-time scheduler [Presentation]
Tommaso Cucinotta, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
11:3012:00 Techniques For The Synthesis Of Multiprocessor Tasksets
Paul Emberson, Roger Stafford and Robert Davis
12:0012:30 A Statistical Approach to Simulation Model Validation in Timing Analysis of Complex Embedded Systems
Yue Lu, Johan Kraft, Thomas Nolte and Christer Norstrm
14:0014:30 Fault Resilience Analysis for Real-Time Systems [Presentation]
George Lima, Flavia Maristela Nascimento and Veronica Lima
14:3015:00 Distributed Interactive Real-time Multimedia Applications: A Sampling and Analysis Framework
George Kousiouris, Fabio Checconi, Alessandro Mazzetti, Zlatko Zlatev, Juri Papay, Thomas Voith and Dimosthenis Kyriazis
15:0018:00 Demo Session
15:0015:30 Short Presentations of Demos (5 min. each, no questions)
Grasp: Tracing, Visualizing and Measuring the Behavior of Real-Time Systems
Mike Holenderski, Martijn van den Heuvel, Reinder Bril and Johan Lukkien
Scheduling Analysis & Tracing – an Industrially Proven Approach for Configuration and Optimization of Embedded Real-Time Systems
Marek Jersak and Kai Richter
A loadable task execution recorder for Linux
Mikael Asberg, Shinpei Kato, Johan Kraft and Thomas Nolte
15:3016:00Coffee Break
16:0018:00 Demos