Current Positions



Engineering Intern

Real-Time, Linux Kernel, Energy-Aware Scheduling, Android Audio Pipeline.

Wriggle Solutions

Wriggle Solutions DECEMBER 2015 - CURRENT

Vice-President and CO-Founder, Senior Engineer

Automotive, Real-Time, Sensors, Communication Technologies, Microcontrollers, Data Analysis.

Sant'Anna Pisa

Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna OCTOBER 2015 - CURRENT

International Ph.D. Candidate

Emerging Digital Technologies - Embedded Systems
Research Activity:
Real-Time Applications on Heterogeneous Computing Architectures
Study and implementation of a framework able to support the development of real-time applications running on heterogeneous computing architectures
Contributions: Study of a real heterogeneous computing architecture that makes use of hardware accelerators developed on FPGA. This is a brand new architecture that provides dynamic partial reconfiguration features. Thanks to the dynamic partial reconfiguration it has been possible to modify at runtime the hardware structure of the device and load on demand the hardware configuration associated to the requested accelerator. This operation could be otherwise impossible to be implemented. Another achievement reached in this project is the development of a response-time analysis that guarantees the schedulability of real-time applications, a simulator and a Linux demonstrator to check the average architecture performance.
Linux Kernel Scheduler Development (With Particular Reference to SCHED_DEADLINE)
Improvement of the SCHED_DEADLINE Linux kernel scheduler
Contributions: Extension of the SCHED\_DEADLINE Linux kernel real-time scheduler with currently not yet available features, like group scheduling. Another side activity of this project is the development of ad-hoc SCHED\_DEADLINE scheduler versions to face latency constraints of applications requiring temporal isolation.
Discrete-event Simulation Development
Development of a real-time scheduling discrete-event simulation tool
Contributions: Improvement of existing real-time scheduling simulation tools with other policies and algorithms and resolutions of bugs and code refactoring. Ongoing development of a brand new simulation tool from scratch that solves the limitations faced by the currently existing tools.


Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna DECEMBER 2012 - MAY 2015


Embedded Computing Systems, 110 / 110 Summa cum Laude

University of Pisa SEPTEMBER 2008 - DECEMBER 2012


Computer Engineering, 104 / 110

Previous Employments

Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna JULY 2015 - SEPTEMBER 2015


Development of real-time scheduling algorithms and implementation on the Linux kernel for the JUNIPER European project.

Fermilab AUGUST 2014 – OCTOBER 2014, Batavia, IL, USA


Learning Fermilab computational architecture: GlideinWMS, HTCondor, Fermicloud.

Improving architecture with external providers' resources: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure.