Getting the code

Consider the code section as a reference for getting the code.

Compile the project

In a Linux or Unix environment


The project has been succesfully tested with:

  • CMake 3.2.2
  • GCC 5.2.1 / Clang 3.6.2


Once all the source code is downloaded (and if necessary extracted), navigate to the main project folder (RTSIM).

The folder content will be the following:

Create the build folder, enter in it and compile the whole project:

$ cd RTSIM
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make

After this process, all the RTSIM build configuration and binary files will be in the RTSIM/build folder.

In a Windows environment (Visual Studio)


The project has been succesfully tested with:

  • CMake 3.6.1
  • Microsoft Visual Studio (2013, 2015)


Download the CMake GUI in order to prepare all the project files for Visual Studio.

With CMake, select the main RTSIM folder as source code folder and RTSIM/build folder as destination for the binaries.

Execute the Configure process and select the proper development environment (i.e. Visual Studio 2012).

Hit Generate to complete the generation of the build configuration files.

In the RTSIM/build folder, open the ALL_BUILD Visual Studio project and build it (Ctrl+Shift+b).

Run an Example

After the compiling process, all the binary files are generated and are ready to be executed.

In order to run one of the examples, enter the


folder and launch one of the executable, for instance

$ ./edf