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My research interests are in the general context of embedded software modeling and analysis, with focus on the analysis of real-time properties (but not only time!). A rough classification could be ... (more in the Projects page!)

Timing Analysis of Embedded SW

Including methods for response time analysis of software derived from models (finite state machines).

Synthesis of Tasks and Communication

Including methods for mapping functionality onto tasks and signals onto messages, allocating tasks and messages and assigning priorities to them. further, methods may include the optimal selection and sizing of the communication mechanisms.

Integration of Heterogeneous models

Including methods for specializing and customizing UML/SysML for embedded real-time systems, methods and tools for integrating UML/SysML with Simulink, generating code and analyzing for time the properties of embedded real-time system models.

Integration of scheduling models and evaluation of schedulability delays in Simulink

A Simulink blockset for simulating schedulers and resource managers.

Code generation and model-to-model transformations

Including how to create a SysML view of Synchronous models and how to efficently generate multitask code from Synchronous models

Indexed and listed (and found wanting)

More references, lists of publications, indexes and a rant against indexing Here ...