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Embedded Systems - Model-Based Design

Common requirements


You need to have MATLAB-Simulink (at least version 2007) installed.
In addition, you need to have the following:
  1. Get the custom Matlab blockset from here (zip file)
  2. Unpack it "as is" into a directory on your local hard drive.
  3. Setup the MATLAB path to include the directory "blockset" you just created and all its subdirectories (in the MATLAB menu File->Set Path)
  4. The next time you open Simulink, in the Library browser, you should find an additional Library "Model-Based Design ReTiS"

Erika OSEK RTOS and Eclipse development environment

You need to have the Erika development system installed.
You can download it from the Evidence web site
After settting up Eclipse+Erika you should setup the compiler reference in the menu Window->Preferences->RT-Druid->Oil->SelectedArchitecture to the compiler path.
For example: for the discovery, you need to setup Window->Preferences->RT-Druid->Oil->Cortex to the GNU compiler path.

Pkatform-specific components

The missing components are platform specific:
  • For the development environment for the Discovery board (new projects, from 2014) click here
  • For the development environment for the Flex board (old projects, until 2014) click here
In the platform-specific sections you will find instructions for automatic code generation.