My favorite hobbies

Jazz Music

My favorite style is Be Bop, but I also like Latin Jazz and Fusion. I play guitar since I was 8. I started playing songs from Pink Floyd and Santana (Carlos Santana was my first idol). Then, when I was 15, I received as a gift a record of Wes Montgomery. It was a big change! I immediately loved his sound and I wanted to play like him. So I started to learn his solos from records, note by note, chord by chord. I had no idea about what I was playing, but it was fun.

Then, when I started playing more seriously in some jazz groups, I realized that I had to learn harmony in order to improvise and create my own phrases. So I took lessons and I studied hard for a couple of years. During this period, I listened to many records and various musicians that, directly or indirectly, have influenced my style.

Among the guitar players, I was inspired by Wes Montgomery, Pat Martino, Joe Pass, Barney Kessell, George Benson, Franco Cerri, and many others. But I also took ideas from other musicians, such as Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Lee Morgan, Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, just to mention some of them.

More recently, I found jazz-fusion music very actractive, especially from musicians such as Lee Ritenour, Bireli Lagrene, and Mike Stern. In 1997, I played with a fusion group, the Ocean Sound Quintet. Click below to listen to a few samples.

Science Fiction

Here's a list of movies that left a deep sign into my brain. Click on a title if you are interested in details and pictures.

Other diversions


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